Our Principal and Professional Trainer/Instructor is Juliet Neguwon with 16 years experience in Practical Debt Collection Training and Infield Debt Recovery (collection) of various kinds of debts (loans, subscriptions/membership, taxes) for both corporate, public, individual, business and consumer.

Juliet was the first Ugandan Female Debt Management Specialist to facilitate and conduct a Debt Collection Training Program in 1999 known as the Appropriate & Effective Collection Techniques program at the Management Training & Advisory Centre (MTAC). Many corporate organizations and companies have hired her as a Consultant to train their staff/members and also undertake Assessment studies in review of their collection team or department.

  • She attended various trainings in Effective Revenue Mobilization, Credit Management and Debt Collection Skills from ATLANTA, GEORGIA in USA organised by the American Collectors Association, ACA International and has worked for 11 years for the Uganda Local Governments Association, ULGA where she successfully managed the mobilization and collection of membership subscription payment.
  • As a Debt Management and Revenue Consultant, Juliet has had exposure to a multitude of businesses, vast and extensive solid practical experience in money recovery situations and dealing with difficult people. Through her advisory role and knowledge of practical negotiation skills remain she has managed many collection processes by advising on effective credit appraisals, strategies, revenue mobilization and recovery procedures.

Her instructional style will motivate you and at the same time help you challenge your own approach to enhance your skill, performance and career. She has imparted valuable practical knowledge that has helped participants become successful! Most of our programs are devised by Juliet and whenever necessary, we secure the assistance of associates

These trainings are extremely fresh, case-based, practical, and relevant, tailored to deliver the results that your business demands and our lectures are not in any way academic but rather specialized to give the delegates a fuller insight in their respective fields as well as knowledge about their market trends.

Historically businesses have always faced problems with customers who are unwilling to pay and during financial difficulties, such as the current recession, making sure your customers pay their bills on time can be very difficult. As the credit crunch takes hold recovering outstanding debts poses a huge problem in such circumstances. Business who are owed money watch as their customers ignore calls, letter and emails and virtually disappear into thin air no matter how many times you try to contact them.


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