1. We are not theoretical but rather involved in the practical recovery process & therefore in a better position to provide you solutions that work.
  2. Our master key strategy with ability to diagnose and treat the root cause and not just symptoms is a powerful tool for your team.
  3. Our spot-on training leaves no room for guess work nor time wastage since we have handled varying situations over time.
  4. We understand that collection is a profession and not just “an error and trial job” & we are capable of improving your team’s productivity.
  5. Our driving force is engineered by the passion and expertise that enables us go the extra mile in achieving results.
  6. We are committed to developing your skills and keeping your knowledge up-to-date whilst delivering cost effective training.

Collection is a Number Game: Credit and collections ought to be treated as steps in every sales process with credit as the beginning of the sales process and collection; the completion of the sale.  We deal with the root cause as a mitigative solution in not only reducing the risk but rather as a remedy to resolving the recurring of the debt in different forms as reflected in late payments, poor cash flow, among others. The cost of bad debt on top of not being paid can be frustrating. Therefore, it is important to improve your collection process in order to support the sales you want to make.

At Debt Collection Centre, we tailor well laid solutions to meet your specific credit and collection goals based on your business and customer type.  The lack of adequate training in debt collection by the sales and collection team is a leading cause of late payments, ineffective communication, increased arrears, poor customer-collector relationship among others. A good Collections Professional will convey your Credit and Collections Policies to the customer in a manner that ensures you get paid.

Every Shilling Unpaid Affects Your Sales, Cash flow And Profit Margin: Much as collecting debt can sometimes be frustrating it does not have to be as difficult as it is. Key aspects of the collection process like analyzing your business has a great impact on what strategies to take when collecting. In collections each business is unique based on your industry and customer type; what is good for a particular sector or one group of customers may not be good for another. Your Credit and Collection procedures therefore will also vary and be unique to your company.

 Our Specialized Services

  1. The Landlord-Tenant Relationship Management Services (Solutions for Aggrieved Landlords)
  2. The Tenant-Landlord Relationship Management Services (Solutions for Aggrieved Tenants)
  3. The Property Management Services (For Landlords)
  4. Recruitment Services of Collection Professionals. (Specialized Recruitment Services)
  5. Solutions for Managing Accounts Receivables. (Re-aligning & Streamlining of Credit-Collection Section)

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