Common Scenarios in the Situation Room: Often times the blame game is at play……

Unlike in the past where getting paid or collecting debt was entirely the functionality of the Sales or Credit or Collection and utmost the Finance Staff, this ideology has since changed due to the dynamics within the industry.

 ·         Are you aware that when there is no money or lack of cash flow it is usually the Finance team or Head of FINANCE to blame?

·         Have you ever experienced a scenario where a client calls the Customer Care Department or Receptionist to ask for some information and the employee refers the client to call or contact so and so in Finance or Sales or Technical!!

·         Do you recall instances when the staff forgets to pass over the information to the Officer in charge even after promising the customer? 

Do you know that every opportunity well utilized in the right manner by any staff can get you paid? So Get Employees involved.

Justification: Cash is the engine and heartbeat of any organization and its therefore, it is only prudent that every employee at their respective levels be trained and involved on how they can individually contribute towards getting the company’s debts paid without damaging clientele relationship.

 Do not hesitate to contact us for more discussion “on how best you can orient your team to undertake this beneficial session in order to get everyone involved in the company’s cash flow.” Remember “Cash flow is critical to any business


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