Common Scenarios in the Situation Room:  No matter how good the Supervisor or Credit Manager may be at collecting, often times the team’s overall performance may be bogged down by the weaknesses of the very few in the team. This imbalance and irregularity greatly impact on the success of collections.

 ·         Have you experienced situations where you as the Credit Supervisor or Collection Manager is branded by your team as complicated or one who is too hard to work with?

·         Have you ever asked for feedback from one of your team for collection result and he or she lied just to get away with it?

·         What about the difficulty of explaining to your head of department (Finance or Sales) or sometimes Management why you as a team haven’t hit your collection targets?  

·         What do you do with mounting pressure when end of month is approaching and you as the team leader is trying all it takes to go the extra mile with a team that seem not to feel the pressure?  

 Problem Statement: The main cause of team challenge is the negative attitude that surrounds the working relationship especially if the team think the Supervisor is being too pushy. Whatever the reason, team weakness can cause irregularity in collections and is worse felt by the Supervisor who is answerable to management hence faced with finding reasons why collection is low.

 Justification: There is absolute need to undertake this session where your team’s weaknesses like inability to manage collection pressure including attitude can be tackled from a Professional Third-Party Perspective.


Please contact us for this powerful program that will “ease your burden from panic and pressure when it comes to end of month collection reports where you may be tasked to explain causes of poor performance and still fail”. We shall identify the cause and provide appropriate solutions.


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