Each business is faced with unique challenges in their daily operations and we assist organizations that are start-ups or already in business. We will re-examine and analyze your credit policy, credit application/ appraisal forms and rectify any possible loopholes.


  • To specifically address the unique challenges in a particular industry.
  • To attend to the peculiar issues affecting some businesses.
  • Offer appropriate recovery strategies depending on nature of business and clientele.
  • To assist top management through supervision of collection team.
  • Helps to concentrate only on identified cases and streamline them accordingly.
  • Is cost effective and save s a lot of time as meeting is incorporated.
  • To establish an appropriate credit or debt collection policy for the organization

We provide:

  • Professional business advice on managing business processes
  • Offer valuable lessons and tips on invoicing
  • Developing well defined Credit and Debt Management Policies
  • Practical information on getting paid.
  • Audit credit risks associated with Accounts Receivable
  • Identify the particular root cause of irregular cash flow and then offer appropriate strategies.

Debt Management Consultancy: Business Background Checks

Many businesses offer credit to companies including individuals whose records or details may be wrong or false hence we will provide you with relevant information that is key in ascertaining the exact status quo in regard to the credit worthiness of a potential client. Apparently, these documents seem to look genuine yet when thoroughly investigated can be proved wrong. It is our prime duty to assist organizations in avoiding such occurrences that can lead to huge losses and write offs.

Debt Management Consultancy: Customized and Tailor Made Text Message Management.

We are experts at creating, managing and designing professional text messages in a bid to escalate your sales and debt collection efforts. Many times clients get disgusted or irritated with client's text messages and DCC has mastered the balance art for debtors to keep reading messages with ease when you apply our prestigious system.

Consultancy and Advisory Fees:

This is discussed after agreeing with the client on which areas to streamline.


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