We are a proactive and professional debt management firm that values business reputation, with over 15 years experience within the Credit and Debt Industry. At DCC, we will take care to represent your brand without ruining your business relationship as you enjoy our unique Debt Management Services. Our team of experienced collectors and investigators carry out all collections in a legal, ethical and professional manner. We ensure to blend our approach to fit in the clients selling, Credit, Debt Collection and Trading policy.

Our Objective is to:

  • Collect your unpaid accounts.
  • Act as a mediator between creditor and debtor.
  • Increase your revenue base through other recovery techniques.
  • Identify, ascertain and establish causes of bad debt, arrears or poor payments.
  • Re-establish the lost relationship between debtor and creditor.

Our Approach and Collection Style

Experience has shown that clients attach a poor image and negative impression to external debt collectors or debt collecting hence we exhibit excellent standards of professionalism that even the debtor does not get to know or detect if we are external collectors duly appointed to recover.. This professional system has worked for all our clients who have greatly benefited from our findings. To us, every recovery is done on a case by case basis using different tactics, techniques and approaches.

Our Comparative Advantage

Our Comparative Advantage lies in the fact that we have collected for so many organizations with different natures of business/industries, hence our performance is result oriented. We have also managed different portfolios of many other organizations in various industries in the areas of both consumer and commercial debt who have realized increased collections

Methodology and Criteria

  • We carry an assessment of your debt portfolio.
  • We then agree on a workable arrangement.
  • Request for letter of authority, contacts and related documents.
  • Our collection specialist personally carries a verification and identification search on every debtor.

The Benefits of Hiring Debt Collection Centre

  • We Save your time and other costs.
  • Our collection reduces your debt portfolio and arrears.
  • Allows your workforce to concentrate on other pressing duties than chasing debts.
  • We provide you with new sources of information.
  • We also increase recovery of your bad debts and improve cash flow.
  • Our advisory enables you improve credit control procedures.
  • Better handling of new accounts as more time is utilized.

What Makes Us Different and Why Choose Us?

Debt Collection Centre has experienced and professional team with vast experience in field recovery of varying industries and with our agency, you get the following benefits:

  1. Our Professional Collection Processes not only promote Business Relationship but also keep Your Sales and Cash Flowing.
  2. Unlike Most Lawyers; we handle Debt Collection as a Core Business hence our Unique Willingness to go the Extra Mile in exploring all Channels to ensure that there is No Stone Left Unturned.
  3. We Use a Custom Approach for pursuing each Debt and situation to determine the Best Way to Maximize Recovery as Quickly as Possible.
  4. Unlike Traditional Collectors, our Experience and Expertise especially in Collecting from Different Industries and Categories of Debtors adds more as onto our Comparative Advantage within this Industry.
  5. We greatly reduce on Legal and Facilitation Costs (Transport, Airtime) paid to your Internal Collection
  6. Team even when their Performance is Ineffective, Costly and sometimes time consuming.
  7. We offer Technical Advice, Advisory Services including regular Client Reports and Updates during the Entire Collection Process.

Our Collection Terms and Rates:

We collect on a No Collection No Fee basis and our rates vary depending on location, age, debt portfolio, debtor category and volume of work. However all first time clients pay us a one time off Professional or Engagement Fees which is a standard minimal amount. Our flexible rates though not fixed range as follows: Debts from 3months to 1year will be charged between 8-12%, 1-2 years will charged at a commission of 15-20%, 2-4 years at a commission of 20-25%, of any amount collected or recovered.

Our Reporting Method

We provide clients with the following as status report:

  • Weekly update regarding work in progress with highlights on status quo.
  • A frequent telephone and email discussion with your Contact Person and this is usually on-going.
  • A Bi-weekly or Monthly overall report on debtors allocated with detailed information on work done, work in progress and accomplishments.

Therefore; are you tired of dealing with none or slow paying customers?

Is debt collecting taking more time, energy and resources away from running your business? Are you sick of ever growing bad debt and shrinking cash flow month after month? Are debtors ignoring your calls and letters? • Do you want your outstanding accounts settled? Do you need a reliable company to collect debts on your behalf? Don't know which Debt Collection Agency is the right one for you?

If you answered 'YES!' to any of the above,

Please call Debt Collection Centre today!

Tracing Agents and Tracing Services- Skip Tracing and Debtor Tracking.

We also trace for missing debtors who may have absconded payment or fled for purposes of default. We will help you find the debtors who on the face of it appear to have disappeared leaving you with an unpaid account. We will further help you establish their current residential or business address or details of the absconder's employer using our professional investigative methods. We adhere to a strict code of practice and use only compliant techniques to find missing people ethically.


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