Debt Counseling is effective as debtors prefer debt counselors whom they will confide in and feel comfortable making payment arrangements with given that some collection approaches or methods are harsh and brutal despite the high defaulting rate hence need to strike the right balance. The debtors or defaulters also find it a better ground since it involves intervention and mediation without any legal action and this also provides avenues for sources of relevant information that can strengthen and improve the lending operations of your business.

As an alternative to Court action we are able to act as an intermediary between the parties in an effort to bring about a satisfactory resolution to the debt, thereby ensuring a speedy and less costly outcome. Debt Collection Centre will act as a linkage between the debtor and creditor through intervention and mediation roles.


  • To bridge the gap between creditor and debtors.
  • To instill a compliance program of managing bad debt.
  • To reduce the negativity in the collection industry.
  • To encourage negotiations and communication amongst debtors.
  • To restore confidence and self esteem which debtors lose as a result of debt or loans
  • Court actions are quite intimidating and brutal.


  • Increases communication.
  • Encourages compliance payment.
  • Improved cases of transparency as fear is wiped away.
  • Restores confidence and bad debt.
  • Our neutral ground without presence of debtors promotes recovery.
  • Is beneficial for personal debts and effective.
  • Absence of legal aspects promotes peace.


  • You identify defaulters or debtors from your list and hand them over to us.
  • We will verify both sources of information and contact debtors for a meeting.
  • We will identify causes of default and advise debtor.
  • We agree with debtor on way forward and notify creditor.


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