Our membership services are open to Companies, Local Governments, Organizations or Entities that carry credit services or sale of goods including those whose revenues are earned from collections of subscriptions or any other form of revenues. Membership is also open to individuals who have either worked as Credit or Collection Professionals, those currently employed as Credit/Collection Professional or within the Revenue Department or those whose tasks and roles involve managing credit or collecting debt/revenue.

We also have a slot for students who have an interest in advancing their careers as professionals within the Credit Industry. We understand that business credit reports and data are the keystones that help credit professionals make sound credit decisions as they compete in the market place.

Objectives of the Membership Forum

  1. Host Credit discussion Forums by tackling the day to day diverse challenges affecting the industry so as to make sound and informed credit decision that's available in the business today.
  2. Provide a real value-added service to our customers and encourage members to meet and share their experiences/thoughts on industry information.
  3. Provide special brainstorming and information sharing sessions for different businesses, Trade or Industry dealing in common products or services who will now belong to a particular Credit Group so as to address common problems and provide common solution.
  4. Promote methods of best practice for the benefit of customers and Increase members' knowledge through regular refresher training and capacity building programs within the Sector.

Types of Memberships

  • Corporate
  • Ordinary


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