The Corporate Membership program is open to Organizations, Companies, Local Governments or entities that carry credit services or sale of goods including those whose revenues are earned from collections of subscriptions or any other form of revenues involved within the Credit Management and related areas.

Corporate Membership and Annual Subscription Fees

Members will pay a onetime off membership fees of UGX.350, 000 and an annual subscription of UGX. 1,500,000 per year and renewable by annual remittances. Corporate Members enjoy a variety of distinguished benefits as mentioned below:

Corporate Membership Benefits

a) Belonging to the Distinguished Credit Trade Group Forum.

A large number of members whose nature of business or trade/industry is similar belong to different companies servicing and sharing either the same or a common customer base and a common debtor list. The primary purpose of an Industry Credit Group is to open up communication lines for the exchange of invaluable factual credit information upon which to base independent decisions with respect to the extension of credit. Through sharing of trade credit data, group members will meet professionals from different backgrounds to brains storm, interact and discuss related matters. This results in the reduction of outstanding delinquent receivables and write-offs.

Benefits of belonging to the Credit Trade Group Forum as a Corporate Member

  • Credit groups provide members in the same field of business an opportunity to participate regularly in informative round table discussions of accounts, as well as share concerns about poor payers.
  • Members are able to participate in the exchange of credit information on common customers through analysis of information; discuss latest developments in order to make unilateral decisions.
  • Through sharing of trade credit data, group members will gain valuable insights needed to make more informed and productive credit decisions.
  • They will meet as professionals from different backgrounds to brainstorm, interact and compare information hence increase their knowledge base.
  • Not only do members obtain critical input, but the networking opportunities are of immeasurable benefit with better opportunities.

b) Networking Events

This Forum will offer networking events enabling members to:

  • Interface and share thought leadership,
  • Gain valuable insights from professionals throughout the credit industry.
  • Members shall be exposed to better marketing opportunities.

c) Free Refresher Trainings, Specialized Capacity building Programs and Advisory Services on Accelerating Cash flows in regard to your Credit and Debt Procedures.

Members will receive:

  • Free 3 Quarterly based integrated training session for all your staff at your premises.
  • Free on-going advisory services with tangible solutions suitable for your nature of trade.
  • This is quite cheaper hence cost effective and time saving compared to training costs.

d) Team Supervision, Monitoring and Management Report:

The Forum shall provide its members with:

  • Free expertise supervision and monitoring services of your team.
  • Frequent spot checks in a bid to improve on the rampant imbalanced team performance.
  • We shall provide your Management with an independent technical report on a quarterly basis; high lighting findings, weaknesses, observations with recommendations.
  • This unbiased report will enable management take affirmative action on areas of weaknesses
  • Our expertise monitoring shall improve your internal credit and debt management reporting system.

e) Business Background Checks & Free Accessibility to Database of Bad Payers

Businesses have lost millions of monies due to lack of knowledge or information hence members will be entitled to:

  • Five free slots on business background checks as a critical measure towards ascertaining credit worthiness of any potential client.
  • This will save Members from unforeseen and future occurrences of losses.
  • Members will also access archived information including database of poor or bad payers of all debtor types of all categories of debtors: both companies & individuals ranging from Ministries, Companies, individuals, NGOs, Corporate etc.

f) Magazines, Publications and Newsletters

DCC will provide members with:

  • A free copy of the Special Magazine that shall contain periodic updates and related news alerts.
  • A free copy of the Business Credit Magazine containing latest information, news & trends within the industry.

g) Membership Certificates and Website:

Corporate Members will receive:

  • A Gold Membership Certificate
  • Advertise on the DCC official website.

h) Discounted Rates on Services and Breakfast Meetings.

As members:

  • You will be entitled to discounted rates for all other DCC services unlike non-members.
  • Members are entitled to Breakfast Meetings where all members meet as a group to discuss pertinent issues.

How to Register: Download membership registration forms from our Website and follow the instructions.


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