Our Property Management Program offers a holistic and long-term solution that not only deals with the property but also ensuring that the landlord-tenant relationship is maintained. Ensuring that managing of property is done in a manner that business continuity is prioritized is an important aspect of the entire cycle.

Benefits of Choosing DCC As Your Property Manager.   

Professional Property Management is not a basic job but rather a combination of the different aspects carefully assembled and requires much more with the key rankings being the timely payment of rent. It is not enough to have tenants per say without understanding the dynamics in totality surrounding Property Management among which may be delayed or non-payment.

Being in the field of recovery over the years gives us an added advantage in managing property successfully due to the following reasons:

  1. With the experience gained over time, it is much easier for us to gauge the likelihood of a tenant defaulting when it is still early.
  2. We carry out due diligence and a flexible vetting to avoid instances of habitual defaulters renting your premises.
  3. As a 3rd party agency, our conflict/friction resolution package tailored for a healthy co-existence of the landlord-tenant relationship provides a win-win environment.
  4. We are better positioned and conversant with excuses or reasons most tenants use in order to either delay payment or accumulate arrears.
  5. We also reduce the burden and stress that come with stubborn tenants whose adverse effects of irregular or non-payments can be so provoking.
  6. Our communication and negotiation skills are key to administering and managing your tenants professionally.
  7. Over the years we have handled different business sectors/types with varying customer types; hence our strategies are specific and targeted.

 Are you looking for a Professional Property Management Agency who will provide you with a long-term solution that fits your situation?

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