At DCC, we provide conflict resolution, counselling and intermediary services for “tenants” aggrieved by their LANDLORDS arising from various causes. In this Tenant-Landlord Relationship Management, our solutions focus on the tenant. We also provide Landlord Tenant Relationship Management as a separate service where the focus is on providing solution to the aggrieved landlord. Below are some of the real case scenarios.

  • Do you sometimes feel like not sharing with relatives or friends some personal issues like rent and would instead like to seek professional 3rd party advice on how to go about it? 
  • Ever felt like you cannot t face your land lord whom you owe rent arrears and would like a 3rd party to negotiate a fair payment plan that the Landlord will accept? 
  • Have you experienced a situation where you have always paid your rent in a timely manner & then when you default for once; your landlord gets so furious, angry and so impatient; yet you have been a long-time paying tenant?
  • Does your landlord get so angry or furious or irritated to an extent that you would rather find a non-biased 3rd party to mediate or talk to him on your behalf?
  1. Disagreements Between Tenant and Land Lord: Disagreements between the tenant and landlord is a common occurrence which may arise due to various factors like either party (the landlord or tenant) failing to fulfill their obligations as agreed in the tenancy agreement which conflict can escalate further.
  2. Conflict Resolution Solutions for Tenants: When conflicts arise between the two parties, with each accusing the other, sometimes it is a reaction as a result of revenge or defense which may require a 3rd party in order to resolve the matter. A postponed repair or fixing/renovation by the landlord on the property as expected of him is one of the many examples of occurrences that can spark off a conflict.
  3. Counselling Services for Tenants Struggling with Rent Arrears and Cannot Face The Land Lord Any More. Rent obligations ranks as one of the top priorities that a tenant will consider in order to avoid being at logger heads with his or her landlord. However, there are instances when the tenant accumulates rent arrears due to unforeseen circumstances like loss of a job, failed or closed business, bank loans, business deals gone bad etc. creating uncertainty. The tenant’s hope of hoping to get money and clear his rent arrears begin to dwindle.

 This state of affairs coupled with family pressure can be stressful if the tenant is not comfortable sharing his/her issues with his friends or relatives.

 OUR CUSTOMIZED SOLUTIONS FOR TENANT: At DCC we offer a number of options like:

  1. Counsel the tenant and advise on appropriate way forward.
  2. Mediate and talk to the landlord on behalf of the tenant.
  3. Organizing a round table meeting between the landlord and the tenant.
  4. Draw up a win-win payment plan that is fair to both parties & without bias.


  • Ever been in a situation where you have tried your best to raise money for rent that is in arrears and things don’t seem to work out…... with the landlord calling you endlessly? 
  • Are you looking for an Experienced and Effective Third-Party Agency who will mediate and amicably resolve issues between you and your landlord with a solution that fits your situation the AGGRIEVED TENANT?

 Then contact us for a one to one discussion for further information.


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