Professional Training Services

Our training program, organized in half sessions of mornings or afternoons, is practically hands on packaged to deal with the day to day cross cutting challenges that affect cash in-flows. It is based on expertise, practical experience and knowledge that are all aimed at enhancing the capacity of different desk and field staff. Participants are tasked with immediate collection assignments after their first sessions.

The Prevention Is Better Than Cure Training Approach: Poor repayment by customers or none at all is a critical challenge that most organizations in the business of credit services face and can best be handled through application of “preventive measures” other than the “postmortem” which is not only costly in terms of recovery but also a leading cause of writes offs. Interventions like providing an appropriate training focusing on the practical challenge with the right solutions in effective management of revenue or credit is very crucial.

When you build capacity of your own staff you don’t only empower them but also reduce on the default rates. Often times the core causes of default is not easy to identify and most times it is the symptoms that are dealt with. This short-term measure of tackling the symptoms temporarily solves the problem and then it re-occurs leading to questions like why repayment is poor, or slow or irregular.

 Reasons Why Your Sales and Collection Team Need Training.

You will agree that the role of the sales team in boosting collection is very critical in the money collection process since it is from sales that the credit-debt-cashflow cycle originates.

  • The sales team who are the first point of contact in a bid to sell pay more attention to closing off a sale by pushing hard to get their orders signed with no focus or considerations thereafter on getting this credit sale paid for by the customer within the agreed time frame. Sales team need to balance between increasing sales & getting paid to avoid arrears.
  • Some sales staff end up being so attached to the customer beyond the required relationship boundary and end up being very protective of the customer; and thereby escalating debt. They need to learn how to balance relationship visa-vi recovery without losing the relationship, business nor cash flow.
  • Often times the sales, finance and collection team think they are bothering a customer who owes the company monies unpaid for services provided. Interestingly majority think the customer is doing them a favor. This is because the team lack skills on how to professionally ask for payment given that it is this expected revenue      (cash) that the employer needs to run the business.

Our Different Training Topics and Sessions:  We realize that some topics are more applicable and we have therefore identified some key topics of interest below that are crucial in ensuring that you get paid. Please check for more details for each of the briefs on the topics and links respectively.

Selected Topics of Interest

  1. The Art of Professional Telephone Speaking & Negotiation Skills.
  2. Dealing with Customers’ Late Payments
  3. Striking an Effective Balance Between Customer Relationship Visa-Vi Collection.
  4. The Uphill Task of Asking for Payment.
  5. Mastering the Art of Effective Text Messaging in Debt Collection.
  6. Effective Subscription, Membership and Revenue Collection for Associations.

Training options: Our training has been designed to maximize choice, effectiveness and value for money. Types of training are open/general, in-house or customized and one-to one or individual.

Open training: Our specialist trainers deliver topics suitable for those working at all levels from basic introduction to specialist skills in credit & debt management. This is an open or general training set up.

In-House training: In-house training program is delivered at your premises is the most cost-effective way to up-skill and motivate your team and are designed specifically to meet the needs of your team and your budget. Our expert trainers are field experts with practical business experience can design, create and deliver courses which meet the specific requirements of your company.

Do not hesitate to contact or email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.; Please note fees are affordable with some room for negotiation.


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