TRAINING MODULE:         Drawing the line.

Overall Objective:             Be Able to Manage Customer Relationship

The Situation:  Much as managing and executing customer relationship in a concurrent and professional manner is quite challenging, it is a very important pillar in the recovery cycle. The challenge most collectors face is the inability to balance between being aggressive or assertive without annoying or damaging clientele relationship. Majority of sales persons entrusted to collect fall victim when in the process of asking for payment think they are doing the customer a favor.

Real Case Scenario.

  • Have you ever experienced a scenario where you and the customer are good friends and so close that you sometimes find it hard to demand for payment? 
  • Ever been faced with a situation where as a salesperson you expect your next sales order to be signed by your very close customer and at the same time demand for the unpaid arrears?
  • Do you ever get torn apart on how to ask for payment from a customer you like because you feel you are putting him or her on pressure?


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