TRAINING MODULE:      Designing Effective Text Messages.

OVERALL OBJECTIVE:    To Ensure Customers Prioritize Paying You….

Background:  During such times like the COVID lock down, text messages if executed in the right manner remain an effective tool in collecting debt given that SMS will always get through to the customer’s phone in situations where the mail or direct phone contact has failed. The main reason text messaging does not yield results is when it is done as a routine exercise with a business as usual attitude. Therefore, businesses have to find suitable means, improvise innovative coping mechanisms in order to tap monies from the customers.

We can skill your team with spot-on customized text messaging skills on how to ensure that your invoice tops the customers’ payment list which is not only a long-term value addition program but is also very cost effective.


  1. Design an effective, specific and tailor-made message system for your customers aimed at boosting collections.
  2. Provide your team with text messaging skills suitable for your industry and customer type.
  3. Provide you with different text messaging platforms for outstanding dues.

 Real Case Scenario.

  • Are you aware that majority of customers regard text message as a waste of time and either ignore or do not read but just delete messages?
  • What about those customers who judge texts by the “title” of the sender and already know it is ether a reminder to pay or the usual marketing campaign?

 What Makes Our Text Messaging (SMS) Unique and Different.

  • At DCC, our messages are carefully designed and crafted to offer impactful solutions.
  • We use a targeted focus & approach for SMS based on our practical collection experience.
  • To us text messaging is a full-time commitment as opposed to a routine functionality.

Feel free to contact us whether as an individual seeking to improve your text messaging skills or as a company, for practical lessons “on how to design tailor made messages”


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