Without Accounts Receivable There Is No Cash Flow.

Accounts receivables simply is the money owed to a company by its debtors for goods supplied or services offered and not yet paid for. Much as accounts receivables is a major source of working capital for most businesses, few organizations invest resources into processes and systems to effectively manage accounts receivables. By changing the way, you handle your accounts receivables you can easily get paid.

Every credit transaction requires a thorough completion of the accounts receivable management cycle which involves processes like invoicing, aging etc. How effective a business manages its receivables determines its debt portfolio or cash flow base as reflected in its aging report summarized with accounts unpaid either as due, past or overdue.  Often times the inability or failure to get paid when an account is current can lead to the following:

  1. Accumulation of Arrears: When a current invoice isn’t paid within the agreed time frame then the unpaid amount is carried to the following month in full or as a balance.
  2. Possibility of Bad Debt: Once an ongoing client who is still receiving services delays to pay with new invoices accumulating each month, the possibility of bad debt is evident.
  3. Reduced Profit Margin: The essence of doing business is to make profits. However, when invoices become past due, the profit margins reduce and eventually become costly.
  4. Tied Up Cash Flow: When payment for work done is not received, working capital is tied up in stock or work in progress. The effects of monies held up is detrimental to a business’s survival.

Our Solutions for Managing Accounts Receivables.

  1. We identify/diagnose the Exact Root Cause of Your Internal Cash Flow
  2. We provide customized and Effective Invoice Delivery, Tracking and Monitoring System That Tackle Challenges of Both Electronic and Manual Invoice Delivery.
  3. We offer Advisory on Control Measures for handling current invoices (30-60 days) in order to avoid arrears which can lead to debt.
  4. We provide packages on Credit Management and a Step by Step Collection Strategy to enable you streamline your processes.
  5. We Set Up Credit & Debt Collection Departments for those establishing such departments From Scratch or If They Want to Disintegrate from finance.
  6. We also Provide Re-Alignment Services for Already Existing Credit-Collection Departments That May Require a boost or change in their work flow performances.

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