TRAINING MODULE:          Mastering the dilemma of Telephone Collection.   

Overall Objective:               Learn How to Stir Payments by Telephone.

The Situation:  Collecting by phone is a common collection tool or method that is effective when it comes to following up payment.  However, speaking with a customer on the phone can be a difficult task; if the collector is not conversant with procedures of telephone communication. Some customers are so eloquent and fluent mean while others have learnt how to control the negotiation and ensure that the discussion is in their favor.

Real Case Scenario.

  • Ever asked why a client upon hearing your opening words…decides that you call him or her later and then doesn’t pick the phone even after he asked you to call back?
  • Why is it common for majority of collectors to run out of the right words or lose track of the discussion while asking for payment on phone…and once the call has ended …all the right words seem to resurface…?
  • Have you ever experienced situations while speaking on the phone…. the debtor hijacked the discussion and out of courtesy you let him speak?

The Problem: Speaking on phone while asking for payment can be challenging given that some customers use this opportunity to lie and promise to pay just to get you off the phone, or not even pick at all. Others are good negotiators to a point that they will always want to pay according to amounts of installments that best suit them.

The Solution: Collectors should be able to turn a difficult collection call into an enjoyable experience by mastering the art of Effective Telephone Skills.

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