Extending credit is a necessary risk as part of doing business in today’s world. However, the key is reducing and managing the risk by establishing effective and practical measures in place aimed at mitigating possible occurrences that can escalate these risks. Remember, all the work you’ve done to find new customers is wasted if you do not focus your efforts to collect what is due or is past due.



With over 15 years of proactive, professional and passionate experience, our expertise and comparative advantage lies in the fact that we have trained various individuals and also collected from various customer types engaged in different businesses or industries.
This broad base and cross cutting engagement within the industry has sharpened our skills and enabled us identify practical strategies for effective management of the entire credit (credit control) and debt (actual collection) management process.

Professional Training Services

About Our Individual Remedial Programs

In a bid to combat poor collection performance arising from lack of professional skills in effectively tackling credit and debt and amidst pressing work schedules of staff, we at DCC have devised remedial programs for individuals on key topics of interest on Practical and Effective Debt Collection Techniques.

Collecting debt is a demanding job that most times is learnt through trial and error at the expense of increased arrears, bad debt, poor relationship between collector and clients among others. This is due to the fact that most officers lack appropriate training or skills on how to professionally manage the process of recovery. The major cause of this gap is due to the fact that the refresher courses in debt collection techniques sometimes take long to be organized or others just miss the opportunity.

Our Objectives

  1. Provides you with full attention and concentration.
  2. To improve on individual personal weaknesses.
  3. Provide a learning opportunity for individuals interested in improving performance.
  4. To offer spot on topics affecting the industry.
  5. Provide privacy to especially individuals struggling quietly with collection weaknesses.
  6. Offer affordable skills development for improved performance.
  7. Provide a cost effective and time saving means of improving recovery.


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