Companies and businesses need to hire Credit and Collection staff who understand their roles in order to surpass the usual pressure, frustrations, disappointments, stress including dealing with all types of customers whose reactions sometimes can be unbearable. Amidst all these and much more, the collector is expected to sober up and ensure that customers pay their dues in a timely manner without damaging clientele relationship. Employers should make sure and keep in mind when hiring an Accounts Receivable, Credit or Collections professional that; they find someone who has the ability to turn a difficult collection process into an enjoyable experience

 Our Solution and Why Choose Us:

  1. We Understand the Industry: Having trained different employees and individuals over time, we are able to identify weaknesses and strengths of different potential persons across board. Therefore, we can hire competent personnel whose performance is unquestionable when it comes to collecting debt. 
  2. We Know the Cost: At DCC, we understand the pain of employers who have to struggle with incompetent Credit/Collection Officials working through trial & error which is costly in terms of arrears, delayed payments, bad debt, poor relationships, time wastage.
  3. We Are Better Positioned: The beauty of entrusting DEBT Collection Centre (DCC) to undertake your recruitment functionality on your behalf is that we are better positioned to identify the right personnel whose key performance has either been tested and proved or can be nurtured. We understand that collection is a number game where you can easily measure results.
  4. Flexibility for Employer to Choose: We have customized our recruitment process to cater for employers who may prefer an experienced employee or either fresh ones or those who haven’t worked in the collection industry for various reasons. In the latter, we can agree with the employer and train them with the fundamentals all through to advanced stages within the collection industry
  5. We Know What Makes A Collection Officer Competent. Unlike other jobs where a particular qualification alone can be considered as the most important score, the rankings for a collection professional is a bit different without ignoring the qualification.

Our Uniqueness and Comparative Advantage:  Once we have interviewed, recommended and handed over the personnel/person and after you have independently done your part and accepted to employ him or her, we commit to do the following to further boost the employee’s performance:

  1. Each industry is unique in collections hence we do a one month follow up to orient the employees’ skills and re-align his/her performance to your industry type.
  2. We monitor his progress while in the field or not so that he or she is within track.
  3. The employee is able to reach us for further advise in case of an encounter with a difficult debtor or tricky situation within his collections.

We recruit Loan Officers, Credit Officers/Credit Supervisors, Accounts Receivable Officers/Manager, Debt Collection Officers, Account Relationship Officer, Revenue Officer, Commercial Officers to mention. The sectors are not limited from financial services to Associations and any organization offering credit services or supplying goods on credit that may require services of collection, credit control or recovery.

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