At DCC, we provide conflict resolution, counselling and intermediary services for “LANDLORDS” aggrieved by their TENANTS arising from various causes. In this Landlord Tenant Relationship Management, our solutions focus on the LANDLORD. We also provide Tenant Landlord Relationship Management as a separate service where the focus is on providing solution to the aggrieved TENANT. Below are some of the real case scenarios.

Real Case Scenario

·         Do your tenants keep postponing paying your rent even when its past due?

·         Do you want to know the reason why your tenants delay to pay rent?

·         Are you tired of complaining & quarreling with tenants over rent obligations? 

·         Are you struggling with tenants who haven paid your rent arrears?

 1.     Disagreements Between Land Lord and Tenant: Disagreements between the landlord and tenant is in most cases caused by irregular or late payments including unfulfilled promises by the landlord should this be required to be done or fixed.

2.    Conflict Resolution Solutions for Landlords: Sometimes a tenant may accumulate arrears and the landlord gives the tenant time as requested to pay which ends up in non fulfilment by the latter sparking conflict.

3.    Rent Collection Services: Where the landlord has failed or is unable to collect his rent dues, he or she can engage us to collect from the tenant on his behalf.

4.    Professional and Advisory Services for Landlords: There are times the landlord gets bothered by the tenant’s unpredictable payment trend which in turn affects the landlord’s cash flow hence inability to meet his or her financial obligations like school fees, medical etc.  We offer professional advice as a solution to the landlord.

 OUR CUSTOMIZED SOLUTIONS FOR LANDLORD: At DCC we offer a number of options like:

a)    Offer professional advice to the Landlord before it is too late.

b)    Collect the rent from the tenant on behalf of the landlord.

c)    Mediate and talk to the tenant on behalf of the Landlord.

d)    Organize a round table meeting between the landlord and the tenant.

e)    Draw up a win-win payment plan that is not bias. 


·         Have you experienced a scenario (s) where your tenant accumulated rent arrears and kept promising to pay keeping you in dilemma?

 ·        Are you looking for an Experienced, Effective Professional Third-Party Agency who will mediate and amicably resolve issues between you and your tenant with a solution that fits your situation as the AGGRIEVED LANDLORD?



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